8 May 2012

The G Family

The lovely G family here in Minnesota gave me the chance to try to capture a few photos. They are a very kind couple with 1 baby, 1 ballerina and 1 very playful middle child! It kept me busy and our photo shoot was probably the longest one I've ever done - but I'm just getting through the photos now and am loving what I'm seeing.
We had some overcast skies and evening light on our side - along with the smiles and love of the family.
I haven't finished editing the session, but here are a few of my favorites:

It was a pleasure spending time with the G family!

7 May 2012

A Trip to the Farm

I took my kids out to a working farm that is depictive of an 1860's farm. It was beautiful and the kids loved working with their hands in a way that produces such tangible results. I enjoyed taking photos of a new and different place!  Here are my results:

Through the old, old window glass

3 weeks old

 I worked for a while on this next photo.

I don't have a tripod or an on-camera flash. I really wanted to capture the outside light and the hazy interior that we felt inside the farmhouse. My camera doesn't have very many metering options - so it took a bit of adjusting with the white balance, metering, iso and then holding the camera still and hoping nobody ran past.

1 May 2012

After the storm...

Yes I did drop everything and run outside with my camera after the rain passed this evening. It just so happened that the tornado-bearing weather passed over about an hour before sunset. The evening sun came out on the drenched land and I just couldn't miss it!

I processed both of these very little in Lightroom and then added a couple of textures using GIMP:

and I loved these without the textures also:

can you hear the frogs croaking their evening songs?

I hope you can, through these photos, feel a bit of what I felt tonight in the evening sun after the storm had passed. There is a true hope of which this, even this, is only a shadow...