23 April 2012

Jessica Drossin Texture Competition

I love texturing photos! The blend between what's captured in the moment and what is artistically applied later that combine to create something unique - something that only existed in my mind's eye until it was created: something about that blend fascinates me and I can easily get lost on my computer for way too long!

Some of the best textures I have seen come from Jessica Drossin. She sells texture packs, but there are also freebies from time to time.  Right now, there's a freebie on her facebook page. If you're unsure how to use them, she also has great video tutorials. I don't have photoshop so I've downloaded GIMP and it does (for free) everything I need it to.

There's a photo competition just now using her latest free texture: downpour.

This is my entry:
I used my photo, slightly edited in Lightroom first, then textured using Downpour (flipped vertically) in overlay (around 50%). And then I used Downpour again (flipped vertically again) in Hard Light (around 70%).

I'd really appreciate it (if you're on Facebook) if you took a minute to vote for me. I haven't found a way to direct link to my photo, but it should be between pages 7 & 9.

Thanks, in advance, for your time!
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