23 April 2012

Jessica Drossin Texture Competition

I love texturing photos! The blend between what's captured in the moment and what is artistically applied later that combine to create something unique - something that only existed in my mind's eye until it was created: something about that blend fascinates me and I can easily get lost on my computer for way too long!

Some of the best textures I have seen come from Jessica Drossin. She sells texture packs, but there are also freebies from time to time.  Right now, there's a freebie on her facebook page. If you're unsure how to use them, she also has great video tutorials. I don't have photoshop so I've downloaded GIMP and it does (for free) everything I need it to.

There's a photo competition just now using her latest free texture: downpour.

This is my entry:
I used my photo, slightly edited in Lightroom first, then textured using Downpour (flipped vertically) in overlay (around 50%). And then I used Downpour again (flipped vertically again) in Hard Light (around 70%).

I'd really appreciate it (if you're on Facebook) if you took a minute to vote for me. I haven't found a way to direct link to my photo, but it should be between pages 7 & 9.

Thanks, in advance, for your time!

8 April 2012

The T Family

The T family graciously allowed my kids to cuddle their bunnies.  I was so grateful and wanted to get a few pictures of their family in return! I had not photographed a family with teenagers before and now I got 3 in one family!
They were so kind, though! Patient and cooperative as I stood and thought... and thought... and thought of poses.
Here are my favorites of the family:

Of the kids:

 and the mom & dad:

and one silly one of the dad with his girls:

 Thanks, again, T family for your bunnies! Hope you enjoy your pictures!

4 April 2012

Bunnies & Kids in the Sun

Happy Easter!

I was blessed to find a friendly family with sweet bunnies: Francesca, Pippin, & Joseph.
These brave and boisterous bunnies hopped and hopped while my kids tried to wait patiently to get a pet or a cuddle! Finally, Joseph gave in and let my son even hold him quite a bit!

Photographically, this was a challenging shoot: moving kids, moving bunnies, full & strong sun and then we moved into a different area that was splotchy with shadows.

I liked the little bunny ear shadows in this one, though!
I practiced & learned a bit more about positioning the reflector. I wish I had asked the mom to hold the diffuser above the kids - that probably would have helped. But what I finally decided on was trying to face them away from the light and then bouncing back light onto them with the gold reflector. I think it turned out all right - but I know I've got a lot to learn.

The speed of the kids & bunnies definitely challenged my camera knowledge and I was pleased with how quickly I was able to adjust things in between shots.