31 March 2012

Take Time For Play, the end!

This month's scavenger hunt (prompted by Paper Coterie) has been amazing.
I've really challenged myself to get a good variety of "every day" photos.  Through the process, I have expanded my understanding of lighting, exposure, and had time to explore lightroom more and discovered some great tutorials to help me with lightroom.

I'm not happy with every one of these photos - but I completed the challenge and here are the remaining photos:

#1, Laughter (The kids & I were laughing, not him!)

#5, Silly Self-Portrait (not so silly, I guess...)

#8, an Animal

#10, Favorite Drink (okay, I used this one for "pink" also - but it's my daughter's favorite drink: pink milk)

#12, Friends

#15, Details

#17, Music

#20, Family

#21, Party Time (maybe a bit far-fetched on this one... more like game time, but fun nevertheless)

#23, Toys

#27, Pattern

#29, Love
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