4 February 2012

My Handsome Husband

Before my husband cut off "the beard," as it had come to be known, I really wanted a good picture of him with his pipe.

He kept delaying his trip to the barber so that I would have a chance to take his picture. It just never seemed like the best time. So, finally, one morning in December, we just sat him down on my parent's front porch and I took pictures for a while - practicing with my flash to try to evenly expose him.

Where he was sitting was facing the sun, but his face was shaded by the porch awning. It was a difficult position because his body was overexposed and his head was underexposed - but the flash did even it out a little bit, and then I was able to further blend the exposure in lightroom.
On the last one I am posting on this page, you can see I went a little further and used the adjustment brush to first heighten the exposure on his face (with the brush feathered out), and then lower the exposure on his body.
I am excited about learning that this process is called "Dodging & Burning". What a difference it makes!

(Just in case you're wondering, we did try different poses but there weren't that many options for pipe smoking outside in 65+degree weather in my parent's neighborhood).

I imagine that, as I learn to work with my flash and lighting, and maybe if I had already opened my new reflector (that I got for Christmas!!! Thanks, Micah & Megan!) that the results would have been better - but that's what this blog is for - documenting a journey - memories along the way, even of the small things - to see a world in a grain of sand.

I'm glad I got a record of my husband before we said goodbye to the beard!

love the smoke in this one

and my favorite, even with the glowing fingers...

As always - constructive criticism is more than welcome!
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