3 February 2012


If we had been able to stay in Cambridge a little longer and hadn't been racing around town trying to find a new, large, affordable, suitcase to replace our 3 carry-on size bags, I imagine that I would have had many more photos!
I loved most of the shots I got - and these were just taken while we were running by with two kids & half of our luggage in tow. 

Here's what I noticed about Cambridge: bicycles, beautiful repetition in many of the buildings and an odd "modern" twist here and there (google Grasshopper clock or Chronophage by Stephen Hawking and you'll see what I mean). 

And here's my favorite shot:

This was probably my most favorite architectural feature but I didn't have time to really capture it the way I envisioned:

And I loved the fact that the two arches were the same - there was so much repetition & symmetry everywhere - but so different inside:

and one last view of the beautiful housing blocks near the park:

I don't think most of these pictures do the city justice - I wish I'd had time to really set up the shot & get my settings right or wait for a pretty day, but I'd love to go back, so maybe I'll have another chance someday!
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