8 February 2012

Straight Out of Camera!

This is definitely my best shot straight out of camera.

I'm so pleased with the lighting, the focus, the framing, everything.

I used my new reflector to help balance out the light and give it warmer light.

and here it is after I slightly cropped and minorly adjusted it in lightroom:

That blurry line through the middle is a far-away electric line, I'm sure in the future, I'll learn how to get it out of the picture.

If you're reading this and know how to do that easily and without using photoshop - which I don't have - please let me know!

7 February 2012

In the woods

My brother & sister in law gave me this reflector for Christmas.

And I LOVE it!

I took it out into the woods this morning because it was slightly over-cast and I used the gold side to get a bit of warm light on my subject. It was such an simple addition and I was saw noticeable differences.

I was able to get shots - straight out of camera - like this:

The sun was actually shining from the left side of this photo - but by placing the (gold side) reflector to the right or this branch, I was able to get the light shining into the ice instead of the greener side where it had already melted the ice off of the needles.

I just thought I'd share my joy and say thanks, again, to Micah & Megan!

6 February 2012

New York City

This photo was taken with my point & shoot - It's my favorite from our week there!

5 February 2012

Christmas Eve

It's all about the angle, isn't it?

Well, that and the cutest daughter ever cuddling with her kitty cat in her Papa's chair on Christmas eve...

4 February 2012

My Handsome Husband

Before my husband cut off "the beard," as it had come to be known, I really wanted a good picture of him with his pipe.

He kept delaying his trip to the barber so that I would have a chance to take his picture. It just never seemed like the best time. So, finally, one morning in December, we just sat him down on my parent's front porch and I took pictures for a while - practicing with my flash to try to evenly expose him.

Where he was sitting was facing the sun, but his face was shaded by the porch awning. It was a difficult position because his body was overexposed and his head was underexposed - but the flash did even it out a little bit, and then I was able to further blend the exposure in lightroom.
On the last one I am posting on this page, you can see I went a little further and used the adjustment brush to first heighten the exposure on his face (with the brush feathered out), and then lower the exposure on his body.
I am excited about learning that this process is called "Dodging & Burning". What a difference it makes!

(Just in case you're wondering, we did try different poses but there weren't that many options for pipe smoking outside in 65+degree weather in my parent's neighborhood).

I imagine that, as I learn to work with my flash and lighting, and maybe if I had already opened my new reflector (that I got for Christmas!!! Thanks, Micah & Megan!) that the results would have been better - but that's what this blog is for - documenting a journey - memories along the way, even of the small things - to see a world in a grain of sand.

I'm glad I got a record of my husband before we said goodbye to the beard!

love the smoke in this one

and my favorite, even with the glowing fingers...

As always - constructive criticism is more than welcome!

3 February 2012


If we had been able to stay in Cambridge a little longer and hadn't been racing around town trying to find a new, large, affordable, suitcase to replace our 3 carry-on size bags, I imagine that I would have had many more photos!
I loved most of the shots I got - and these were just taken while we were running by with two kids & half of our luggage in tow. 

Here's what I noticed about Cambridge: bicycles, beautiful repetition in many of the buildings and an odd "modern" twist here and there (google Grasshopper clock or Chronophage by Stephen Hawking and you'll see what I mean). 

And here's my favorite shot:

This was probably my most favorite architectural feature but I didn't have time to really capture it the way I envisioned:

And I loved the fact that the two arches were the same - there was so much repetition & symmetry everywhere - but so different inside:

and one last view of the beautiful housing blocks near the park:

I don't think most of these pictures do the city justice - I wish I'd had time to really set up the shot & get my settings right or wait for a pretty day, but I'd love to go back, so maybe I'll have another chance someday!