27 January 2012

Before & After

A very kind couple in Mississippi let us take our kids out to see & ride their horses.
I got a couple of cute shots of the kids on the horse but this was my favorite of the horse:
(straight out of camera)
I liked the horse - the lighting and everyone's hands on his face. I felt like he looked kind & wise so I wanted to focus on that -
I cropped out the bodies competing for attention, further over-exposed the light behind his head, reduced saturation & darkened the blacks just a little:

I know the focus needs work, what do you think?

26 January 2012


This year I find myself in a different house, a different town, a different country even. There are so many new photography situations here and the biggest difference from where I was a few months ago is the light.
It is sunny here!
Every day!
Even when it's snowing!

I am looking forward to learning to work with light!

In the meantime, I'll be posting some photography from the last few months.