19 November 2011

The "Y" Family

I had the privilege of taking little boy's 1st birthday photos last year and was so pleased they gave me another chance to take their family photos!
When we tried it then, he was just starting to walk:
but now he is busy, busy, busy!
Although I know they felt pressure to slow their sweet boy down - it was a pleasure watching him run free at our photo shoot and we got a few great photos of him on the playground:

While he was busy, I managed to get a couple of just the two of them which was very nice!
and then we tried and tried for family photos!

But I think we got a couple that they'll be pleased with:
(I still want photoshop so I can get rid of strangers in the background!)

and my personal favourite of the 3 of them from the day:
my favourite bit is the way all of their hands are intertwined - the way family should be!

I'll miss you, Y family! Keep me posted on little S's growth!

And, for the record - here's a little before & after:

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