9 November 2011

The "S" family

This is one of those photo shoots that I was just so pleased with!
Besides the fact that we had rescheduled a couple of times and I think the family had kind of a rough start to their day - once we got walking in the park and finding worms:
then everything seemed to flow so well!

When I got home & started looking at the photos - I sometimes couldn't believe that I had taken them! I know there is still a lot of room for improvement - especially in the area of perfect focus and exposure control - but in all honesty, I think these are my best photos to date and I'm so glad, too, because if they hadn't turned out well, the S family's Christmas cards might have had a picture of them with a shark jawbone. I guess there are worse things in the world - but now they have this instead:
this is my personal favorite as it seems like
such a great capture of their personalities
I know the dad really wanted a photo with his girl - it was difficult because we were all a bit distracted by the worm, but I liked this one:
and although this is a little silly - I loved this one:

So happy Christmas-card-making S family!

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