7 November 2011

Autumn fun in Seaton Park

Capturing my daughter standing still while the leaves were flying
in the air was such a pleasant surprise! That was just plain luck.

I increased the sharpness & shadows of this photo to help make the
water look more active - the original had softer looking water.

I'm not totally happy with the framing of this shot,
but the look on my son's face makes it worth it to me,
even if they're almost out of the frame.

in Lightroom, I reduced the clarity on this one just a bit to give it a softer finish

The lighting was good, but it was just a bit too dark.
Shooting in Raw allowed me to increase the exposure a bit at home
without it looking too grainy.
As always, constructive criticism is appreciated!
What would you have done differently?
What are your thoughts?

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