27 October 2011

Super Excited

I have 3 - yes 3! - families to photograph this weekend and another the following weekend.
I am super excited and hope the rain holds off - although a light dusting of snow might be just the thing...

Here are a few of my favorite pictures I've stumbled across this week for inspiration.

(none of the following images are mine.)

HERE is a gorgeous photo - we've had nice light like this since the days are getting shorter...

Okay - that's enough for now.

I'm excited about practicing my new goal: catchlight in the eyes.
Remember when you were just learning to draw characters better than stick figures? Everytime you drew their eyes, or when you drew balloons, there's a little rounded rectangle in the circle to show where the light is reflected? that's the "catchlight." 
I was looking through an article recently that was demonstrating the difference and power of having the catchlight in the subject's eyes. (This isn't the one I read, I can't find it, but it helps if you're still wondering what I'm talking about.)
For instance, in that last picture up there, with the family on the blankets, even though the boy with the blonde hair isn't in a central position, (in fact, I definitely would have tried to crop this a little differently, but anyway), he was the first of the 4 to catch my focus and I'm pretty sure it's because of that gleam in his eye!

One more day, then hoping for a little sunshine!
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