18 October 2011

The Sun Came Out!

Speaking of the L family that I photographed last week - the more I look at these photos, the happier I am with them.
The major problem I had was sunshine. Since, being in Scotland, we don't normally have sun, I always think that the photo would be better with sun. Now I'm realizing, that actually, I need to just learn how to work with what we've got! The sun has problems of it's own! Mainly, the glowing white shirts and sweaty faces!

The kids loved the sunshine, though, and in between being still they did a little of this:

but sometimes it worked:
sometimes it scared the little one:

but it was loads of fun!

I've read up on on posing in the sunlight and am looking forward to tomorrow when I get to try again with the B family! There's supposed to be some sunshine again tomorrow and I'm so glad to get the chance to try again!

The sunshine wasn't all bad, though - I LOVE the light on this next one - it was towards the end of the photo shoot when I had finally figured out where they should stand and which direction they should face.
One time I read that they should face directly into the sun because it makes the eyes brighter and shadows fewer - but I think in a park this size, there's definitely different types of "direct sun" and we'll search for the filtered sun next time.
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