16 October 2011

Photography: art or craft?

I love that moment when you see a good painting and wonder... is it a photograph? Or when you see a gorgeous photo and stop and stare and wonder... is it really a painting? I love the blurry line between capturing with your own hand and capturing with the camera. How can we really know which one is "art" and which one is "craft". That is something I love to turn over and over and someday, when life is a little slower pace, I'd love to do some reading on it. Any book, article or blog posting suggestions are quite welcome!

I fell in love with adding textures to photos because it helps my photography get closer to that blurry middle line - where the moments I capture as craft are taken one step closer to art.

Here's the before:
and here's the after:

(You can click on the picture to make it larger &
go back & forth between the two to compare)

what do you think? better/worse? more artistic? too artistic? suggestions?
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