15 October 2011

The "B" family and little Rose is 1 year old!

I was so happy to get another chance to photograph a family in the same location as last week's family. We headed to the park here in Aberdeen and took a few photos. The lighting was mid-morning instead of afternoon and the whole scene was a bit hazy.

Also, I switched from my 40-150mm lense after the first few shots:

The rest of the shoot, I was using my simple 14 - 42. I found it easier - with the children - to be closer to the action. I also found it easier to stay focused on the little ones when they were moving about. It doesn't achieve that gorgeous blurry background, but because we were outside, they were able to stand far away from the trees behind them and it wasn't too bad - you can see that there is a huge depth of field that is in focus here:

But it is much less noticeable when you can't see the ground:

This family had amazing smiles and it was a really nice morning in the park - I'm thankful to have the chance to practice on such sweet new friends!
They even let me try a more fun and artsy shot:

and their daughter started hugging the trees (that's my kind of gal!):

But I think this may be my favourite from the whole morning:
I wish I had such a dreamy photo of me & my husband!

now to learn how to photo-shop strangers on the sidewalk out of the photo...

Oh, I almost forgot! Here's the birthday girl:

poor little Rosie :) Here she is before we wore her out with photos!

Happy Birthday, Rose!
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