10 September 2011

Birthday Party for little boy "M"

A friend asked me to take my camera when we came along to her little boy's party.
I forgot to charge the batteries to my flash (my camera's flash is permanently broken, so I have to use a shoe-mount flash if I want one at all), so some of the pictures have flash & some don't.

This party was a huge challenge to me.
There were people and balloons mingling around and kids dashing in and out of legs. Because the venue was the church hall, there wasn't a single focal point. I tried to get photos framed before shooting, but if I did that, I missed the shot. Half of my good arrangements were blurry because of no flash. I also would have liked to have had my other lense so that I could catch the action if it moved, but I only had my 14-42, which meant I was following little kids around the whole time and trying to keep up with them, then get them to pause in a cute pose for the photo. Needless to say, that did not work.
I think the answer to this would be to remember to charge my flash's batteries! In lieu of that, to have had the 40-150mm lens would have helped some.

I did the best I could, though, and here's a glimpse of the party...

It was a really fun party & I hope the pictures help capture that for my friends to help them remember the joy of a 2nd birthday party!

Charge batteries. Lesson learned.

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