26 September 2011

i heart faces

I came across this website - I heart faces. They have weekly contests as well as articles, forums and more. Looks like a website i'll be visiting more often!
Here's my entry for today's contest.
You've seen this photo before - I love it! We'll see if others agree...

22 September 2011

Butterfly at the Copenhagen Zoo

I am about to post a lot of photos from our trips to Copenhagen & Berlin.
Most of the pictures are standard family tourist pictures - but there were a few times when I wanted to do something different and, with a little effort was able to get what I was envisioning. I am so pleased with the photography from this trip!

One challenge that I've given myself lately, is to try to frame the shot before clicking. To imagine that these photos will be printed straight out of the camera with no cropping or editing, and line my shot up accordingly. You may remember the last post about the little boy's birthday party. That almost ruined all of my shots for me because everyone was running around - but when you're photographing things that aren't moving as quickly as 2 year olds on a sugar high, I realized that it is much easier.

Earlier this year, we visited a photo exhibition of the 2010 Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. It was a stunning body of work - especially the children's work. I think they have an advantage over adults, because their imagination helps them see the story in what they're looking at. Sometimes adults are too focused on the technical side, what they think will win, or other things and forget to let the wildlife show itself.
The winning photo was from right in the middle of the age range of winners - a 25 year old named Bence Mate. Here's his photo:

This inspired my shot of a butterfly at the Copenhagen Zoo

I wish that larger, thicker leaf had been moved out of the way so that you could see the whole shadow of the butterfly and not just the legs in the smaller, thinner, leaf on the right.
But I still like the photo - what do you think?

10 September 2011

Birthday Party for little boy "M"

A friend asked me to take my camera when we came along to her little boy's party.
I forgot to charge the batteries to my flash (my camera's flash is permanently broken, so I have to use a shoe-mount flash if I want one at all), so some of the pictures have flash & some don't.

This party was a huge challenge to me.
There were people and balloons mingling around and kids dashing in and out of legs. Because the venue was the church hall, there wasn't a single focal point. I tried to get photos framed before shooting, but if I did that, I missed the shot. Half of my good arrangements were blurry because of no flash. I also would have liked to have had my other lense so that I could catch the action if it moved, but I only had my 14-42, which meant I was following little kids around the whole time and trying to keep up with them, then get them to pause in a cute pose for the photo. Needless to say, that did not work.
I think the answer to this would be to remember to charge my flash's batteries! In lieu of that, to have had the 40-150mm lens would have helped some.

I did the best I could, though, and here's a glimpse of the party...

It was a really fun party & I hope the pictures help capture that for my friends to help them remember the joy of a 2nd birthday party!

Charge batteries. Lesson learned.


I just thought I'd share my favorites from a little trip to LegoLand Windsor & London.

Constructive Criticism is always welcome.
I used 2 different lenses - my standard 14-42mm and my kit 40-150mm.

All the post-processing was done in Lightroom 2.

8 September 2011

Evokes Emotion

I am entering a competition from a Photographing Children contest. The title is "Evokes Emotion".

I thought for a while about what to do and decided to try to get a good shot of my son having fun at Legoland. He's been wanting to go for months and I knew he would have a great time.

Here's my entry:

I love the capture and the framing - I wish his face had been a bit brighter, I did what I could in Lightroom without losing the quality of the picture.