5 August 2011

Learning about Lightroom


I had about 100 pictures almost exactly like this one - same lighting, same camera settings, similar location of the subject. I'm fairly new to photography and I'm using Lightroom 2 (which was a gift from the amazing Courtney Navey). A friend of mine here mentioned to me that you could download presets. Basically, instead of having to configure every setting on your own, you can select a preset configuration to achieve the color/look that you're aiming for. Of course, you can then manipulate the settings further - to take some vignetting off, for instance. I found 2 sets of presets that have been so helpful. The first one is called Wonderland and the second is Bryan Wheeler. The Bryan Wheeler site has instructions on installing the downloaded presets.

Once you're in lightroom, you can then either choose individual presets for pictures - or, in the case of the 100 photos that are similar, you can just change the first one and then copy the development settings and paste them to the other 99 pictures. What a time saver! Thanks for letting me know, Margaret! 
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