7 August 2011

"L" Family

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to take some pictures of my friend, Emma, and her husband & daughter. The shoot went pretty well, I think, but I learned a few things.
I had a few ideas for poses/locations, but at the end of that In only had about 50 pictures. And for every 10 pictures, I still only usually have about 1 that is worth keeping. I'm still on a heavy learning curve! Now I know to have more pose ideas and locations than I really think I need.
Also, there was a whole series of photos that were over-exposed. And not in the cool dramatic cold way. This was in the "I used a film camera and left the back of the camera open" kind of way. Totally unsalvageable. So, I know I need to stop pressuring myself and take the time - in the middle of a series, not just in between poses - to double check my settings.

Also overexposed - but salvageable.

same photo with a little texture, and some needed warmth,
& less pedestrian on the pathway 
 But we did get a few good ones - thanks to their patience with me. And it was just plain fun to spend some time with them on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.
Isn't she just gorgeous?

Daddy & his girl
 Another thing I learned was to be sure to stay focused on getting at least one good one of each combination of subjects. I got a good one of mom & baby, of dad & baby, but not *any* of mom & dad, and not any one that I'm totally happy with of the 3 of them. Here's the best one, I think, of the 3 of them -
Not bad, but a few more shots & I probably would have had a winner.
I quit too soon.

If you're looking for someone to take your family pictures -
just let me know! I'm still learning, but willing to practice on you!
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