29 August 2011


The next few months are crazy busy but I don't want to neglect practicing my photography. I recently came across an article. (I found it on pinterest- if you aren't on already, you should definitely be. It is, literally, the first thing I've been excited about online since discovering email in the '90's.) Anyway, the article lists 21 things you can do to improve your photography. It is a great list of things I wouldn't necessarily think of on my own. Things like "Find your favorite photo and discover why it's your favorite" and "Take your camera into a dark room."
Also, I thought this blog would help me - and it has. I'm realizing that I don't take photos nearly as consistently as I feel like I do. It seems to happen in bursts. Since it isn't a money-making endeavour, it is relegated to the sidelines. But I don't want to leave it there. I hope it will grow past a hobby and into a part-time income in some way or another. We'll see what happens, but in the meantime, I need to work on my growth as a photographer whenever I can.
The "22 Things You Can Do Today..." article is really interesting and I want to tackle some of those challenges. So be on the lookout for those.

I am also entering a photo competition where the title is "Evokes Emotion". It is sponsored by a book about photographing children - so I'll need to come up with a good idea for that. I still have a couple of weeks to submit and I'm just trying to think about a unique idea.

Here's my best entry if I just submitted one I've taken already, but I'd like to go out and take some just for this competition:
my kiddos Easter 2010

Any tips or links to photos of children that fit with this theme would be greatly appreciated!

We're headed to London for a few days, so I'll have some exciting new pictures up from that trip soon as well!
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